Hear the Howls Of Silvermane

3 March 1977
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So you think a 5'6" werewolf isn't scarey? Well then clearly you don't mind if I prove you wrong huh? *grins showing off a muzzle full of ivory fangs* Don't worry I like you I'll make it quick and painless unlike that annoying slaesman that came to my door...but that's another story.

Allo I am Silvermane and if you haven't already guessed it yep I am a werewolf. A small rather submissive in nature werewolf, but don't think that I am all puppies and skittle rainbows either. I have a rather dark sense of humor but can be playful and quite "cute" as some other say at times. All in all I am a wolf that likes to play, mostly at the momment it's blowing away zombies on the screen aka Left4Dead! :)

I also keep up with all things werewolfish, reading, writing, and even drawing. I have been in the so called "furry fandom" for around 10 years, and I do own a fursuit. It's more of a play thing at the momment rather than an embodiment of what I am. My likes and dislikes are all over the map really.

Please be warned this lj is mostly me about me and for me, and maybe you if you like reading about what's going on in my life. If you have no interest what so ever in what goes on in my life, then you may not want to read futher. Also drama sucks, period, so tend to lay off from such in my lj. Thank you, other wise I may be forced to hunt you down and gut you like a fish. *grins*